Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

South Bay REALTORS® cheer defeat of ballot measure that would have hurt housing

California voters on November 6 delivered a resounding rebuke to the notion of rent control when they turned down Proposition 10, a measure that would have allowed for stricter rent control laws.

Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act, a state law that among other things prohibits rent control on single family homes and on buildings built after 1995.

Now that the election is over, SBAOR plans to continue what we have always done: champion housing and property rights while working to ensure that everyone who has the desire and qualifications to own home is able to do so.

That also means we will continue our frank and ongoing assessment of the housing crisis in the South Bay and in our state. We will focus on what real solutions we can contribute to in order to make housing more available and more affordable. Watch this space for more content in the future on housing and real estate.