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  • Median Home Value: $387,300
  • Median Year Houses were Built: 1967
  • Total Housing Units: 30,746
  • Vacant Housing Units: 5.2%
  • Owner-occupied: 25.5%
  • Renter-occupied: 74.5%
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Population Data

  • Population: 85,889
  • Median Age: 31.6
  • Median Income: $44,384
  • Income per Capita: $20,445

Education Level of the Population

  • High School Education: 14.2%
  • College Education: 8.7%
  • Professional Education: 0.6%

Work Force

  • Total Work Force: 44,601
  • Number Employed: 89.4%
  • Number Unemployed: 10.3%


  • Homeowner Vacancy Rate: 0.3%
  • Owner-occupied units with a mortgage: 78.2%
  • Owner-occupied units without a mortgage: 21.8%

Rental Housing

  • Rental Vacancy Rate: 3.5%
  • Median Gross Rent: $1,045
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Quick Reference

Information about the city and real estate tools

City Address
4455 W. 126th Street
Hawthorne, CA
City Phone
Mayor and City Council
Meeting Agendas

City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Planning Commission meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

Agendas are available here.

City Transfer Tax
County Transfer Tax
$0.275 for each $500.00 or fractional part thereof
Inspection at Sale
Building Report at Sale
Business License for Agents
Rent Control
Special Development Restrictions
City-Mandated Deed Provisions

Signage Ordinances in Hawthorne

A real estate sign, used in conjunction with the rental, lease or sale of the building upon which it is placed, shall not exceed six square feet in area.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Data, 2010-2014. This product uses the Census Bureau Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the Census Bureau. For more recent housing data, see SBAOR's monthly releases of market statistics at www.SouthBayAOR.com.