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2019 BizFed Poll: L.A. County Businesses Gloomy over Future Outlook

Following a trend from last year, business owners and leaders throughout Los Angeles County have major concerns about the future, especially about homelessness, housing affordability and crumbling infrastructure, according to a poll released by the Los Angeles County Business Federation, or LA BizFed.

The 2019 BizFed Poll, or Pulse Poll, picked up feedback from the business community that is particularly sobering for housing providers and real estate professionals:

  • 90% of business owners said they were dissatisfied with their local government’s performance on reducing homelessness
  • 94% cited housing affordability as the area were local government is performing the worst.

The data suggests that business owners are concerned about housing: where will their employees live and where will their customers live. Businesses cannot profitably operate if their employees and customers do not have access to adequate, affordable, and available housing. This echoes concerns raised by SBAOR regarding the lack of housing supply and the need to increase the number of housing units in all categories and throughout the state.

Other concerns raised by businesses include the potential threat of split roll taxation, where commercial properties are taxed differently than are residential properties, as well as the urgent need for repairs to bridges, roads and general transportation.

BizFed, of which SBAOR is a founding member, conducts the Pulse Poll every year and publishes the results in order to share the concerns of business with our elected leaders and the community at large. For more information about BizFed or the 2019 BizFed Poll, go to

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