Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

Are you ready for shared electric scooters and bikes in your community?

Shared bikes that are docked in dedicated racks have proliferated in cities all over the U.S., while shared electric scooters – the kind that you can just leave anywhere – are taking over.

Cities appear to be welcoming the bikes – an informal and unscientific survey I took of cities as diverse as Long Beach, Phoenix, Portland, and Washington, DC suggest that they are fitting in. Meanwhile, the scooters have engendered complaints about riders breaking traffic laws, hitting pedestrians and leaving them in random places that block streets and sidewalks. Los Angeles – notably the community of Venice – is facing a fierce backlash. At the same time, the City of Long Beach is trying to introduce scooters in a controlled manner.

Will it all work? Are shared bikes and scooters right for your community? As REALTORS®, do you and your clients have questions? Perhaps your prospective buyers are seeking out alternative and eco-friendly modes of transit. Or else they want to stay away from it all.

Our friends at the South Bay Cities Council of Governments are surveying the South Bay to determine residents’ and business’ views on shared bikes and scooters. In particular, the survey wants to know your views on how much regulation should be applied to bikes and scooters.

“This survey will allow regional planners and city officials to evaluate how shared active transportation programs could … provide additional transportation choices while addressing safety, economics, and other areas of concern to the South Bay community,” the SBCCOG said in its survey message. “The responses you provide will help to assess the value of these programs.”

To take the survey, click here.