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Cyber Security and REALTORS®

The security of our email, phones, computers, personal data, and all kinds of technology is in the news lately. With good reason. Significant security breaches have occurred all over our economy.

Cyber attacks have successfully reached major retailers, internet providers, major film studios, and many corners of our government including at least one – and probably both – of the major U.S. political parties.

Cyber Security and Real Estate

In real estate, some stories include email phishing attacks to trick buyers into wiring purchase deposits to a fraudulent source, from where it cannot be recovered.

For REALTORS® it is critically important to be aware of of the risks to your business and your clients. The National Association of REALTORS® has created tools and resources to help secure your business and protect yourself and your clients.

Check out NAR’s Five Steps Towards Achieving Data Security which walks you through these steps for securing your business:

  1. Take Stock
  2. Scale Down
  3. Lock It
  4. Pitch It
  5. Plan Ahead

For more information, NAR’s Data Security and Privacy Toolkit contains detailed information and sample policies that will help you implement a data security program that is tailored to your business.

REALTOR® Safety and You

Cyber security is just one of many good practices that we recommend for staying safe while doing business. NAR has extensive resources not just on cyber security but also on all kinds of REALTOR® safety, including safety products, training courses, apps for your smartphone, and more.

Check out NAR’s page on Safety Resources for more information. Be aware and be safe!