Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

Election Day is almost here! Help us pass Prop 5 and defeat Prop 10

REALTORS® have been asking how they can help pass Proposition 5 and defeat Proposition 10 on Election Day. The November 6 election is coming up fast, so check out the resources on this page for you to help protect homeownership in California.

First, let’s review:

Proposition 5 will allow seniors, disabled, and victims of natural disasters to move to a home better suited to their needs without facing drastically higher property taxes. We are asking you to vote YES on Proposition 5.

Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and exacerbate the housing crisis, where local governments could impose fierce rent control mandates. We are asking you to vote NO on Proposition 10.

First things first: Are you registered to vote? There are more than 26,000 REALTORS® in California who are not registered to vote. On election day, their voices will not be heard! Don’t be one of them. The last day for you to register to vote for the November 6 election is October 22.

Here are some helpful ideas for you and your business:

  • Have you moved recently? If so then you may not be registered. Click here to find out fast.
  • Ready to register yourself or your clients to vote? Click here before October 22!
  • Working your farm? Meeting with prospective buyers and sellers? Why not use voter registration as a tool for connecting with prospective clients.
  • Looking for a great closing gift? Help your new homeowners register to vote in their new neighborhood! It is the ultimate closing gift: the gift of democracy.

C.A.R. has posted a toolkit for REALTORS® like you to find more ideas for getting the word out. At SBAOR we’ve noticed that the Fact Sheet Flyer with Business Card Space is in particularly high demand. Print out several copies, attach your business card and share it in your business area.

Are you registered as a permanent absentee voter? You should have already received your ballot by now. Don’t forget to fill it out and actually send it in! While you can return it as late as election day, we urge you to do it right away. Like, now.

Are you going to the actual polls on election day? Do you know where your polling place is? Click on this handy link to find out so you know where to go.