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Local governments looking at Prop 10 and rent control as wary voters get ready to vote

With five weeks to go before election day, some local governments are considering whether to show support for Proposition 10 and rent control. On Tuesday, October 2, both the Los Angeles County Board of the Supervisors and the Torrance City Council are expected to take up the issue Proposition 10 in addition to many of the other measures on the November ballot.

If the basis for the items at the County Board and the Torrance City Council are a guide, then the likely outcomes of each would be quite different. The County Board’s action was proposed by the two county supervisors whose previous actions on rent control show that they would support Proposition 10. Meanwhile, the staff report for the Torrance City Council recommends that the Council oppose Proposition 10.

Proposition 10, which repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, would open the door to large increases in rent control laws and have a major impact on local governments. Local city councils and county boards taking positions on Proposition 10 and other propositions have the effect of additional adverstising and publicty as the voters weigh the facts.

A new survey shows that voters really are weighing the facts. The survey on Prop 10 released last week by the Public Policy Institute of California found that 36% of likely voters support Prop 10 while 48% of likely voters oppose it. This is a difference of more than ten points and is a growing burden for proponents of rent control.