Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

New! Special REALTOR® resources for all of Los Angeles County

We just published a dedicated page of resources in Los Angeles County for REALTORS® and their clients here on SBAOR’s advocacy website. As a part of the newly launched website for Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®, we revamped and  built out special pages for every one of our South Bay Cities. As of today, resources at the County level are available to you as well.

Some of the most important information that REALTORS® in the South Bay are looking for include facts about local taxes, signage laws, inspections and other selling requirements in each of our cities. This resources is available for all of our members, and is loaded with links that go directly to the source – each one of our city governments.

Is there any information that is missing or changed? Let us know! Ordinances get updated, processes change, and elections sometimes have a way of reorganizing governments as well.