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Post Midterm Election 2018: Now what?

Election? What election? Now that the dust is settling on the midterm election battles all over the U.S., voters and REALTORS® are taking stock of the landscape and figuring out what’s next.

It’s important to look past the news that Democrats took the House while Republicans held the Senate, and talk about how this election affects REALTORS®, their clients, and the public. Press coverage is suggesting that this election, even at the local level, was dominated by big national issues, even though some vulnerable candidates in swing districts tried to focus on local issues with limited success.

Looking toward the 2020 campaign – which is officially underway as of today – here are two voter trends to watch:

Women, especially college-educated women and women in suburban households, were a dominant force both as candidates and as voters. This trend is likely to continue into 2020. In fact, there are at least five women who are early viable contenders for President.

The gap. The past two years exposed a significant voter gap. It is not sufficient to think of liberals vs conservatives, but rather we should view differences in education, ethnicity, gender and income. One of the largest divides now is between college-educated white women (skewing Democratic) and non-college white men (skewing Republican). This may have a profound effect on the 2020 campaigns.

In Los Angeles County, the voter turnout was reported by county officials to be around 38%. This is maybe not a very high number for such an important election, however it is among the highest turnouts that SBAOR has reported in the last several years.

Voters say “no” to rent control

Among the tougher campaigns on the statewide ballot was Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act and open the door for stricter rent control laws. That measure failed by a margin of 47-53%.

Prop 10 was a hard-fought political campaign. Many housing and business organizations including SBAOR and the California Association of REALTORS® put significant resources into defeating this measure. While we are pleased the Prop 10 did not pass, there is still a housing crisis. We are working with our friends and partners to offer better solutions to make housing more available and more affordable.

What does this mean for REALTORS®? As a non-partisan organization, we are uniquely positioned to bridge that gap every day while REALTORS® are helping your clients buy and sell their homes. Everyone regardless of politics has the same opportunity to own a home that he or she is qualified to buy.

Many folks complain about our nation’s divide and how we should “come together”. In the REALTOR® profession, we can actually do it.