Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

REALTORS® and the Torrance Chamber meet our Members of Congress

On January 19, members of the South Bay Association of REALTORS® joined with the Torrance Chamber of Commerce to meet with two members of Congress – Ted Lieu (D-CA 33) and Maxine Waters (D-CA 43) – who represent much of the South Bay in Washington, DC.

This is a popular and well-attended event that the Chamber puts on each year so that we can get an update from our elected leaders on what is happening in Congress and in the federal government.

This year however, amid major changes in Congress and the Administration, Lieu and Waters reflect on the work they plan to do both as representatives for our area and as a minority party in Washington.

In particular, both talked about the future of the Affordable Care Act and argued that a replacement should be ready to go before it gets repealed in order to protect the millions of Americans who rely on it now.

A dramatic part of the discussion was led by Congressman Lieu who scared the audience – as he himself said – regarding major risks in cyber security that we are all facing without even knowing it. He described in vivid detail how easy it is to break into phones, email, voice mail, text messages, entire websites, databases and more.

Lieu’s and Waters’ political party suffered lasting damage from security breaches, however the Democratic Party is by no means the only target or victim of cyber attacks. Whether the breach was a foreign actor or government – as mounting evidence appears to suggest – or it was some kids down the street, we are all at risk.

REALTORS® are deeply involved with the personal and financial information of their clients, and are strongly urged to take every precaution available and not take threats lightly.

See elsewhere in this website for information on how to protect yourself and your clients. Just for starters, how about your email password. Is it “Password” or “abc123”? If so then change it. Now.

Meanwhile, as Representative Waters put it, wherever you fall on the political spectrum, get involved in your community and have a conversation who believes something different than you. That is what makes our democracy work.