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Red Alert: Oppose Unprecedented Overreach by L.A. County into ALL LOCAL CITIES

Your County Supervisor needs to hear from you NOW! The LA County Board of Supervisors will discuss expanding their strict eviction controls and force every city to follow county rules, even if the city already has its own eviction protections for tenants impacted by COVID-19.

Item 8: on Tuesday’s agenda would extend the county emergency eviction moratorium to all 88 cities in the county and forces landlords to defer rents with no guarantee those rents will ever get collected.  The County has no plans to require tenants show proof they need to defer rent nor do they require that a rent payback period be established.  This deeply threatens the ability of housing providers to pay their mortgage, taxes, vendors and employees; and puts them at even greater risk of losing the property.

You can read the full agenda HERE!


  1. Make a Public Comment during the LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting!
When:Tuesday, July 21 @ 9:30 A.M.
Call In:Make live public comment Call (844) 767-5651 Meeting ID No. 9676434
Where:Watch live proceedings HERE!
Script:“I urge the Board to modify its current eviction moratorium and OPPOSE the jurisdictional overreach of item #8. Please do not impose unreasonable moratorium criteria especially in Cities who have worked with its residents to create sensible tenant protections while stabilizing housing.”
  • Email and call Your Supervisor’s Office
DistrictCounty SupervisorEmail ContactsPhone
1Hilda; cchen@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-4111
2Mark ; djordan@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-2222
3Sheila Kuehlsheila@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-3333
4Janice; nippolito@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-4444
5Kathryn Bargerkathryn@bos.lacounty.gov213-974-5555

Sample Email:

Dear Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors,

I urge the Board to modify its current eviction moratorium and oppose the jurisdictional overreach of item #8. Our cities have worked hard to create sensible paths forward during this pandemic. The County should not create further confusion or supersede these policies, while usurping local control. Cities have carefully considered important aspects such as documentation of hardship and rent repayment guidelines when crafting their local eviction moratorium, and the County’s plan does not adequately address these concerns.

The County should review a financial plan for repayment installments during the payback period. It is in the community’s interest to avoid large repayments and create a stable plan to financial recovery. This will help our shared goal of stabilizing housing and avoiding an economic disaster.

Please insert documentation requirements, create a financial plan to facilitate installment payments during the payback period and continue to allow cities the flexibility to make balanced decisions on this matter.

Thank you for your consideration
  • Share this Alert with fellow agents and colleagues, we all have a role in protecting our cities’ LOCAL CONTROL.