Advocacy at the South Bay Association of REALTORS®

SCA 1 (Allen & Wiener) Public Housing Projects

Enacted by voters in 1950, Article 34 of the California Constitution requires that any development comprised of “low-rent” dwellings, financed in whole or in part by federal, state or local government be approved by a vote of the people in the city or county where the project is located, singling out one type of housing for voter approval. Article 34 does not just apply to “public housing”, but also affects mixed income developments which often contain units partially “subsidized” by local government. Since 1992, C.A.R. has had policy supporting affordable workforce housing and has sought to advance policies seeking to increase the state’s housing supply. C.A.R. will co-sponsor SCA 1 which seeks to repeal Article 34 in its entirety.

Status: Available Here.