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Tell us about your experience with PACE loans

Many homeowners throughout California are benefiting from Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing for energy-efficient home improvements. Depending on your city, there are a number of vendors who are offering financing.

Check in with your local city hall to determine whether your city has approved PACE financing for your home.

Meanwhile, have you used PACE financing for energy-efficient improvements on your home or your listing? Are you thinking about it?

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Tell us about your experience with PACE

SBAOR is conducting a survey of residents and REALTORS® who have worked with or are currently working with PACE financing. In particular, we are interested in your opinion on questions like these:

  • Are you using or thinking about PACE financing?
  • Are you satisfied with the work done on your home?
  • If you are not satisfied, are/were you able to remedy the situation?

We care about protecting your privacy! We will not collect personal information unless you want us to contact you.

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