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Vote NO on Measure C in Redondo Beach!

SBAOR urges a NO vote on Measure C in Redondo Beach on March 7, 2017!

The Redondo Beach Pier and Harbor need repair. At a minimum, we don’t want to take our kids through the parking structure at the pier out of fear that concrete will fall on their heads. The voters have already approved Measure G, which allows Redondo Beach to work with a private partner to repair and build infrastructure with no new taxes. But Measure C would kill the needed revitalization and set the area back for months or years.

More troubling is that the city attorney’s impartial analysis suggests that it may not even be legally defensible. It’s a big question as to whether Measure C, if it passes, will actually apply to the current Waterfront project at all. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and plenty of time will be wasted in legal review.

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Measure C, which appears on the Redondo Beach March 7 election ballot is a costly and confusing initiative. Voters already approved parameters for the revitalization process in Measure G, but Measure C would kill that process and thwart the will of the voters.

  • The waterfront area is in desperate need of repair and revitalization, and we don’t want the city and the taxpayers to bear $200 million in costs for those repairs. If taxes go up, it will be even more difficult for Redondo Beach to remain a vibrant and economically viable community.
  • Measure C would require an expensive pool by the ocean that would be expensive to construct, difficult to maintain, and impractical to use.
 And Measure C would create a $10 Million boat launch that would be congested with trailers.
  • Measure C would prevent a studied and certified proposal to remove traffic from the Catalina and Pacific Coast Highway corridor.

Vote NO on Measure C in Redondo Beach.

No on Measure C Redondo Beach

Waterfront image photo credit: The Waterfront Redondo