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Vote NO on Measure A

Vote NO on Measure A and STOP the unfair tax

Unfair Property Tax with No Sunset Date Will Hurt Your Property Rights!

"One of the costliest measures" on the ballot that is sneaking up on Los Angeles County voters this November. This proposal would impose a countywide parcel tax in Los Angeles that would cost property owners 1.5 cents per square foot.

The tax contains no sunset date and would increase annually, forever.

No on Measure A

Vote NO on Measure A - Protect Your Rights!

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Protect property rights

We all want to keep kids and seniors safe, but this measure will not do that. This tax FAILS to solve the REAL PROBLEMS facing our communities. Instead of addressing the REAL PRIORITIES, this tax will allow one bureaucrat to give away millions of tax dollars to private organizations.

The politicians say they don’t have money to fund parks, but the REAL STORY is that the money they have has not been spent wisely. Politicians have received millions of dollars in new state money for parks, but due to MISMANAGEMENT and red tape much of this was never spent (according to the Associated Press).

Politicians don’t want you to know that this money may never pay for your local park. The measure’s funding formula shows that many cities will become “donor” cities, funding parks in more affluent areas across the county.

A new property tax is NOT NEEDED. This year alone, existing county property taxes are expected to rise by more than $700 million.

Under Measure A, ocean -side estates and your home would be taxed at the same rate. Whether you are rich or poor, this tax does not take into account your family’s budget and how much you can afford to pay.
Measure A offers NO GUARANTEE that your local area will receive funds equal to what you pay. In fact, a "needs assessment" conducted by the County demonstrates the desire to pour these funds into areas of the City of Los Angeles and West LA.
Los Angeles County is an expensive place to live! Already, renters and homeowners pay a higher percentage of their income on housing than elsewhere in the nation. To make matters worse, this tax has no exemptions and provides no relief for seniors or disabled veterans.
This is a tax on jobs, too. The politicians chose an unfair tax that will hit many of our communities’ struggling small businesses, as they will pay a per square-footage tax as well.