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Vote NO on Proposition 10 in November – it’ll make the housing crisis worse

A statewide coalition representing a broad array of interests is mounting a campaign to oppose Proposition 10, a measure on the California ballot for November 6, 2018 which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act and enable local municipalies in California to impose stricter rent control measures.

The group “Californians for Responsible Housing” is asking California voters to vote NO on Proposition 10 because it is a “deeply flawed measure that will make our housing crisis worse.” The website says that Proposition 10 will make housing less available and less affordable, and will do nothing to address the severe housing shortage that Californians are facing.

“This ballot measure will pour gasoline on the fire of California’s affordable housing crisis. It will do exactly the opposite of what it promises – instead of helping Californians, it will result in an affordable housing freeze and higher costs,” said Tom Bannon, CEO of the California Apartment Association.

SBAOR opposes rent control because it will make the housing crisis worse, not better. For more information, go to the No on Prop 10 website at